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Holidays in Agistri

This page is about holidays in Agistri


Car Rental in Agistri

Agistri is a magnificent island with natural beauty and exceptional scenery. With the vivid morphology and the picturesque villages, it is an ideal place to…

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Enjoy your holidays in Agistri

At a close distance from Aegina is the small yet extremely beautiful sland of Agistri. It is very picturesque and covered with pine trees and…

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Ferry Tickets to Agistri

Agistri has boat connections with the ports of Piraeus and the neighbouring island of Aegina with ferry boats and hydrofoil (Flying Dolphins). During the summer…

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Flights to Agistri

The island of Agistri is very small and does not have an airport. The only way to reaching the island is by ferry boat or…

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Weather in Agistri

Agistri is a beautiful destination for your holidays in Greece and has mild temperatures throughout the year. During the months of June, July and August…

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