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Agistri Greece

The small but stunning island of Agistri is a picturesque island covered by pine trees and surrounded by crystal turquoise water, and is a picture of pure beauty.

It is the ideal holiday destination for those of you who seek quiet and tranquility combined with natural beauty and a summery atmosphere.

There are some nice beaches in Agistri where you can swim or simply relax. Agistri is in close proximity with the island of Aegina and has daily connections with boats from Piraeus, as well as sea taxis to and from Aegina.


Although it is a relatively small island, it is well organized in tourism and has plenty of accommodation and entertainment facilities for visitors. You can find all accommodation types and a nice variety of restaurants and café bars for your enjoyment and entertainment.

Agistri is a really great island to head to if you want to escape Athens for a few days. On the nice beaches you can lie back and simply relax. It is a great destination for the family, and the whole island has a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The ease of which you can reach Agistri make it a perfect destination for you if you are visiting the city of Athens. Many people head over to Agistri for a day trip or a long weekend. The frequent ferry boats make it very easy to travel to and it is a great escape from the chaos of Athens.

In our travel guide for Agistri, you can find lots of information about accommodation in Agistri, as well as entertainment, car rental, transportation whilst on the island and many other things that you will find useful for your holidays.